Growing up on the Rez, my siblings and I were provided “Tribal shoes” and “Tribal clothing” – which meant that we were given one pair of shoes and a new jacket for the school year. But for those of us that lived in rural areas, this meant the one pair of shoes we received were utilized in multiple ways – for school, for running, for playing in the dirt, for herding sheep, and for climbing on the mesas and sandstone. So you can imagine how the ‘wear and tear’ that occurred on these one pair of shoes. We also did not have access to brand name gear or have separate backpacks for “hiking”. We most likely used our school backpacks if we did any “hiking.” Fast forward to my early 20’s when I ventured into rock climbing, hiking, camping, backpacking, and river rafting. I started off with borrowing gear from friends and my older sister (former raft guide), and eventually, I saved up enough funds to purchase my own gear, both new and used. Therefore, I understand if you, your family, or friends cannot afford or do not have access to sufficient, quality gear. I also understand that you do not need the latest, greatest, shiniest gear to be outside. For example, I do not own trekking poles because I can usually find a walking stick (tree branch) during my long day hikes and it typically works fine for me. 

Why a Gear Library?

Because I want others to feel the way I feel outside – content, alive, hopeful, calm, and connected to the lands and waters – without having to stress about the cost of new backpack or a new tent. 

What is a Gear Library?

A gear library is typically a collection of used gear available for those that have limited access to gear to participate in outdoor activities such as a 3-day backpacking trip or a week long river trip.

How it Works?
    1. Check inventory of items available
    2. Complete waiver form
    3. Schedule a time to pick up gear, at least one week in advance
    4. Enjoy your time outside
    5. Clean and return gear in a timely manner
What kind of Gear?

Sleeping pad, one-person tent, climbing harness, hammock, women’s backpacking pack, day backpack, climbing helmet, and more. For a complete list of items, please fill out this contact form.


If you are interested in donating any used gear to the Gear Library, please fill out this form.