First time Water Flows through Mobile Home
Posted on April 19, 2022
One year ago, my parents had water running through their home for the first time in 40 years!! 
Actually, this is the first time ever in their lives they’ve had access to running water (besides their times spent in boarding school and college).
Early on when the pandemic began, we saw an obvious lack of access to running water on Diné Bikéyah (as well as other Indigenous nations) as we were told to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds and stay 6 feet apart from each other. If you grew up on any reservation, then you may know that many families and communities still do not have access to running water and that we live in intergenerational households, so we do not have the luxury to easily wash our hands and/or socially distance. Although, many lost their loved ones, many also came together to help deliver water, food, PPE supplies, setup rainwater catchment systems & water filtration systems, chop/deliver firewood, and assist each other as best as we could.
With that, I am so very thankful that my partner Kai took one week off last spring and said “Let’s do this, let’s get the water running in your parents home.” And so with the help of my brother Elliott and his carpentry skills, we not only got the water running, but we also built a porch for my parents!
Thank you to my other siblings and my father for their financial assistance, we were able to purchase and replace the water heater, three sinks, one toilet, all the plumbing materials, and porch materials and we managed to get it all done in one week’s time frame. Well, almost everything! There were still some lingering leaks and items to purchase.
It was all worth the smile and joy on my mother’s face (it was mostly for her) when that first drop of water came out of the kitchen sink! And it was all worth it to finally take my first hot shower in the guest bathroom! And with that, I can add basic plumbing skills to my resume!