I am her
I am she
I am of the Earth
Blending in
On the land
She is nourishing
My mind
My body
She is nourishing
The desert
The plants
All of us
But, who nourishes her?
She is sacred
We are part of her
We must care for her
And she will
Take care of us
She is the San Juan River
Her journey begins,
From the San Juan mountains,
Taking you through canyons and washes,
Across the deserted landscape,
Carrying snow melt,
Making you shiver,
She is sacred to many,
Providing water to plenty,
She is full of silt and mud,
But, her journey continues,
As she flows into the Colorado River
Let that light shine through

Let that light shine through,
Let that darkness fade,
Let yourself free,
Breathe, breathe, breathe,
Open your eyes to the possibility,
Rather than to the inevitable,
Open your heart to love,
Open your mind to curiosity,
Open your arms to change,
Let that light shine through,
Let that light shine through,
Let that light shine through,
I am here for you